Brian Ervin
  • Location:
    South Florida
  • Residence:
    Pompano Beach
My story

  I have been playing drums for 30 years following in my dad's footsteps. I'm originally from Memphis Tn. and almost two years ago moved from Orlando to Pompano Beach (lighthouse point area). I have played many different genres in my 30 years and have a vast catalogue of music. I've also been a first call fill in drummer for many and have plenty of references to back that up. I can get a setlist learned quickly if need be depending on time and material.

   On top of being a musician, I have an awesome full time day job that pays well, so I'm not looking to drum as a primary job. That being said, I absolutely enjoy playing and love being busy musically. I'm currently looking for a band that plays music people dance to. I live in Pampano so I'll play Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade areas. I have a great personality, Pro equipment and P.A., dont do drugs, drink very little and I have no ego issues. I'm only as good as the guys (or women) I play for.

  I can play any open weekend day and an occasional weeknight gig. I like bands that are FUN and ENERGETIC that like variety and LOVE TO PUT ON A GREAT STAGE SHOW. Dont let my shorts and t-shirt look in my pics and vids fool you, I'm not against looking professional on stage for the right gigs. If you do drugs, have drama or you have a bad attitude or ego issue, we wont get along very well at all. If you like what you see so far, give me a shout and lets set something up.

  I can also play acooustic gigs with a cajon setup. I have pro equipment just waiting to (yacht) rock your gig into outer space. I can add vocals or just sit back and keep the rhythm while you look cool playing the guitar, acordian, pan flute or whatever. I have a promo below and pictures so you can see the setup. I will play weeknights if its an acoustic gig. As a bonus, I'm also a graphic designer with a marketing background. I love to make gig flyers and advertise gigs to the masses. You can see some of my work below. Whether im in your band or not I'm available to create gig flyers for any band for a fee.

Thanks, Brian

5 piece Mapex Mars
This kit looks and sounds fantastic
This kit is 5 piece Mapex Mars series kit. I use brand new Yamaha Stands to give it a serious look. This kit makes any gig look professional.
Kit pic
Yamaha EAD10 Drum Module with Mic Pickup
For use as additional or stand alone drum mics
Mic your drums in seconds - attach the EAD10 to any acoustic drum, and you'll have a high-quality stereo image of the entire acoustic kit in seconds. The EAD10 intuitively and instantly transforms acoustic drum sounds with studio-quality digital effects and sampled sounds.
EAD10 Demo
Meinl Arched Cajon with Pedal
The perfect addition to your acoustic gig
Yes I can even (Yacht) rock your acoustic gig. The Meinl arched Cajon has just enough thump for the perfect lower undertone and just enough pop to blend in. I use a pedal for the lower tones which keeps both hands free for other percussive instruments.
Cajon setup
All Paiste Signature and Twenty Series Cymbals. 13" hats, 12" splash, 14" full crash, 16" thin crash, 18" precision crash and a 20" power ride.
Triggers and Mics
I primarily use the Yamaha EAD10 with an AKG D112 in addition to the EAD10 kick trigger. I also have Carvin D42's for the toms, a Sennheiser e604 for the snare and the AKG D112 Dynamic Microphone for kick.
INEARZ Custom 6 driver Euphoria IEM's. Xvive wireless In-ear monitor system.
What I Enjoy Playing
Modern Rock
Classic Rock
Top 40
Bands Ive played with\filled in for
Stone Ground Kelly
Twin Soul
Section 8
Full Circle
The Fat City Band
You're Gonna Get It -
(Tom Petty Tribute)
Voodoo Vibe
Speed Limit 70
Baby Punch Face
Pop Culture Poets
Street Talk
Ashley Young Band
UMC of Winter Park
Bad Mannerz
Swingin Leroy
No Hit Wonders
Frankie Holley and the Noise
Digital Overdrive Open Band Jam
3 Ring Circus
The Smoking Jackets
Bar Fly
Papa Wheelie
Quadrophonic Surround Sound -
(Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin Tribute)
Pit Row Pickers
The Thunderchickens
Bad Monkey Open Band Jam
Luscious Jones And The Truth
Los Mojos
The Beautiful Bastards
Video resume

Live Demo At Tin Roof Delray 2023


Live Demo Reel 2022 #1 (Modern Hits)


Live Demo Reel 2022 #2 (Rock/Classic Rock)


Cajon Demo


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