About Me

I have been playing drums for over 25 years following in my dad's footsteps. I'm originally from Memphis Tn. and have lived in Orlando/Orange City since 2015. I have played many different genres in my 25+ years and have a vast catalogue of music. (UPDATE) I'm currently in the band Speed Limit 70 and Also in the Ashley Young Band. I do still have some times off so check my calendar below for available dates. On top of being a musician, I have an awesome full time day job, so I'm not looking to drum as a primary job. I have a great personality, dont do drugs, drink very little and I have no ego issues. I'm only as good as the guys (or women) I play for. I can play any weekend I'm not gigging with an occasional weeknight gig but I dont want to play any regular weeknight stuff if possible. I like bands that are FUN and ENERGETIC that like variety and LOVE TO PUT ON A GREAT STAGE SHOW. If you do drugs, have drama or you have a bad attitude or ego issue, we wont get along very well at all. I'm not looking for a startup band or an original band. If interested give me a shout and lets set something up.
Thanks, Brian

Florida Bands filled in for

Speed Limit 70
Street Talk
Ashley Young Band
3 Ring Circus
The Smoking Jackets


Classic Rock
5 stars

I was spoon fed classic rock from a baby, Probably one of my strongest areas next to 80's music. I've got 15+ years experience in this.

Pop/Alternative Rock
5 stars

I am a child of the 80's and 90's. I was in a 80's metal variety cover band for 9 years and have played quite a bit of alternative stuff. All in all I have 16+ years experience in both of these decades.

4 stars

I played random country songs in different variety bands. I don't think I would enjoy playing in an all country situation, I like rock to much. Although it did go over well in memphis in small doses and It's fairly easy to play.

Pop/ Dance
5 stars

I have been in several variety bands and have played pop dance songs by artists like Maroon 5, The Black Keys and Pink.

Classic and New Soul
5 stars

I have also played eveything from KC and the Sunshine Band, Al Green, Prince, Earth Wind and Fire and Bruno Marrs.

Current Gear

Pic of gig Kit 1

Pic of gig Kit 2

I have 2 kits depending on stage size. Kit 1 is a 5 piece carbon fiber Mapex Pro M series on a gibralter rack. This kit doesnt take up a lot of room because everything is on the rack and not spread out. Kit 2 is a small Tama Star Classic with a small 18" kick drum with 2-3 toms. This one uses stands with legs so, although it's small it can still take up some room.


DW 9000 double and single kick pedals.


All Paiste Signature Series Cymbals. 13" hats, 12" splash, 14" full crash, 16" thin crash, 18" precision crash and a 20" power ride.

Drum mics

The mapex kit has Sennheiser e604 series pro drum mics internally mounted in the toms. Sennheiser e604 external snare mic. Shure Beta 52 mounted internally in the kick drum. The Star Classics use Carvin D42's on the toms, a Sennheiser e604 on snare and a Samson QKick on bass drum.

In-Ear Monitors and pre amp

Shure SE215 CLEAR In-Ear Live/Studio Monitor Earbuds. Behringer EURORACK MX 602A Mixer 6 Channel 2 Bus.

Electronic Percussion

Roland EC-10 EL Cajon. Electronic cajon with 28 different preset sounds perfect for any acoustic gig. Alesis Sample Pad 4 for percussive sounds and custom backing tracks of anykind.


My Calendar 2018

Click inside the calendar and use your down arrow or mouse wheel to Scroll


Red Eye Sports Tavern 13th -
(Speed Limit 70)
Bloodhound Brews 20th -
(Speed Limit 70)
Muldoons 21st -
(Speed Limit 70)
VFW Debary 27th -
(Speed Limit 70)
Franks Place 28th -
(Speed Limit 70)


Hard Rock Hotel 4th -
(Ashley Young Band)
Main St Station 10th -
(Speed Limit 70)
Franks Place 11th -
(Speed Limit 70)


Some are not great quality but you will get the idea

Past Experience

Twin Soul 80's Pop/Retro/Hair Metal

I was in Twin Soul for 11 years. We started out playing 80's pop retro and some hair metal and then progressed over the years to mainly hair metal and 90's rock. Twin Soul Facebook

Swingin Leroy Dance Variety

I formed SL in 2011 with a female vocalist. We played it all country, pop, dance, 90's 80's and soul. Very big variety. Swingin Leroy Facebook

Section 8 Rock Variety

We played an even mix of classic rock, hair metal and 90's alternative stuff. We played a lot of casino gigs with our setlist. These guys were fun, awesome and great to work with! Section 8 Facebook

Full Circle Rock Variety

These guys were fun, energetic and awesome musicains. Lots of rare classics like Black Betty, Ledo shuffle and Vehicle. We practiced once a week and we were very tight. FullCircle Facebook

Basketcase Variety

I did a lot of fill ins with them and then it started becoming a regular thing in between Full Circle. We played ANYTHING, but focused on 90's rock. We were tight and very fun! Basketcase Facebook

Pop Culture Poets Variety

We played a large variety from Rock, Dance, Soul and Oldschool Hip Hop. We did a lot of beach gigs that was well suited to the tourist side of things. Alwayys a great time with these guys. Pop Culture Poets Facebook

Fill In Work Variety

I have an extensive resume of fill ins from Memphis, Orlando and surrounding areas. Give me a setlist at least a week before (sometimes last min) and I'll be ready to go when you are! I've filled in for many bands with a large amount of different genres and styles so I'm good with new experiences and new people.